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The free MHA Active app

Enjoy videos, articles, games, quizzes and more – there’s plenty to explore. Available on the App Store, Google Play or web browser. The free MHA Active app provides access to an interactive world created for an older audience.

Designed to enhance later life living by putting an interactive world at the fingertips of our members, MHA Active is a lifestyle and wellness app that provides a raft of content tailored to an older audience.

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Something for everyone

Whether you want to be challenged and stimulated or entertained and relaxed, the free MHA Active app has something for everyone. With specially compiled video content that includes optional subtitles, interactive opportunities, the choice to connect with others and enjoy live events, MHA Active is a safe place to connect and explore.

Members can access carefully created content from exercise videos and cooking demonstrations to quizzes and live events. With a specialist dementia friendly section, everyone can benefit from MHA Active.

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Join our community

Become part of our digital community and discover the many advantages of becoming a free MHA Active member.

Free of charge, easy to access and user friendly, the MHA Active app is filled with content to support later life health and wellbeing.

Regularly updated to include fresh features and new activities, MHA Active provides a wealth of activities for the mind, body and soul.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

MHA Active is a free lifestyle and wellness app, designed to support older people who want to keep mentally and physically active. You can enjoy a range of specially curated content including exercise classes, arts and crafts, cookery, yoga and more.